sweater eyes

what is a sweatereyes


Hello, sweatereyes is the name I use for my creative and artistic explorations.  I am a multi-media artist, but this blog is focused on my photography.  This blog includes a completed 365 Day Photography project, but I am deciding to continue to use the blog and post my new photography projects as well.  Currently, I am starting a project called Another Day.  New photos will be added to the project 2-4 times a week.  You will have to check back to find out what this new project is about though!

However, photography is only one aspect of the art I am currently working on. I have recently been trying my hand at some simple book making, and I am also doing some doll alteration.

Click here to check out my blog, where I’ll be posting updates on my art, and is a mash up of crafting, recipes, art, WIP, and Sailor Moon.  I am currently working on this blog to make it easier to navigate with more content!

Thank you for your interest and support,

Rin Vanderhaeghe.

Photo taken by my partner Hrafn. Click the photo to go to his blog.

All images and writing on this site is copyrighted by sweatereyes photography / Rin Vanderhaeghe. If you use any images, please link back here, and I would always appreciate a quick e-mail letting me know.  Thanks!


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